Faxing on the fly! E-Faxing allows you to fax documents using your online portal, mobile device or fax machine.

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Our e-fax service gives you the ability to fax important documents directly from your online portal, mobile device or fax machine. This allows you to send faxes without needing a traditional machine, but you can still use your traditional fax number. You can also fax out from your email as well as recieve all inbound faxes through email, to as many emails you would like.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send to Any Fax Machine?

Yes. With Simplii’s E-Fax you can send faxes to any fax number within the United States

Can I Also Receive Phone Calls on My Simplii Fax Number?

No. Phone calls are removed from these lines to improve service.  If fax numbers are dialed they will provide a fax tone to ensure the fax is functional.

How Can I Broadcast Faxes to Multiple People?

You can add multiple numbers or contacts as recipients of your fax using your online account.

How Do I Send Faxes via Email With the Email To Fax Service?

To send a fax using our Email-to-Fax service simply send an email using the following parameters. Emails should be sent with a single attachment; as our system will only fax a single attachment per email.

Attachments may be sent in JPG, PDF, Adobe PostScript, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Excel, CSV, HTML & Plain Text formats.

To: <10_digit_number>@emailyourfax.com

From: authorized@email_address.com

Subject: <Your Fax DID number; 10 digits only>

Body: <blank>

Upon submission our system will reply with a confirmation or rejection notice with explanation.

New faxes sent with this service will be displayed on the "FAX STATUS" page with their current status.

How Do I Add or Remove Authorized Email Addresses so I Can Send to [number@emailyourfax.com]?

  • To view or edit your list of current emailyourfax.com authorized email addresses please select “Fax From Emails” under “Account Related.” If you don’t see an edit menu, please contact us at 801-449-9800

How Do I Change the Email Addresses That My New Faxes Are Sent To?

Click on the “Fax Numbers” page and choose "Emails" under the “Action” menu. If you don’t see the emails option on the fax numbers page, please contact us at 801-449-9800