Trigger Automations

Setup and give custom dispositions within Fusion to trigger automations within your CRM.

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By linking Fusion into your CRM, you now have the ability to set up customized dispositions and tags directly from the Fusion chrome extension. Each time a phone call rings through, you may disposition your call with customized dispositions and tags. The system then logs that phone call and disposition into your CRM and tags your customer. If you have a CRM with workflows or campaigns, you are able to trigger automations from your workflow or campaign directly from the disposition and or tag.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do dispositions work if you don’t have a CRM?

Yes, Fuson saves the disposition within its own contacts tab if you aren't currently working with any CRM. You are also able to search Fusion contacts by those dispositions.

What if I my CRM doesn’t use dispositions or tagging to kick off workflow or campaigns?

That’s Ok, You have a few options! If you have an integrated CRM, we can populate the dispositions into the field of your choice. Or, you can use dispositions directly within Fusion regardless of if you currently have an integrated CRM. Dispositions will attach to your Fusion contacts as well as kick off any workflow within Fusion.