SMS Departments

Give all your employees the ability to respond to incoming text messages through your main line!

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Customers are increasingly asking for text message communication, so why make your customers wait for superior support!? Allow your customers to send your company an SMS message that can be responded to by a group or department. With SMS groups you can assign multiple employees to individual numbers so that your team can see and respond to incoming messages from your customers. Let's say you have a direct line for your sales team. You want customers to be able to text into that number, and for your entire sales team to be able to see those messages and respond to them. With Simplii, you can!



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send a text from an individual to a group, instead of from a group to an individual?

SMS Groups is when a group of your employees send SMS messages to one customer number. However, you are in luck because Group MMS provides the ability to text from one employee to a group of customers.

How do I get my phone number set up on Group SMS?

We provide the ability to create as many groups as you would like. Once you’re on Simplii’s VoIP service, each group will require its own inbound and outbound SMS capable DID.