SMS Auto Reject

Auto reject any incoming call with an SMS text message, included in all Simplii packages.

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Auto reject allows you to decline a call and respond with a pre-written SMS message. You can reply to a call with phrases like “Can’t talk now, call me later?” or “I’ll call you right back.” You can select the message you use in your Fusion extension by clicking “respond with message”. You can also write a custom message for situations where you have to add your personal touch.


SMS auto reject gives you the ability to immediately respond to your clients, whether you are in a meeting, or otherwise occupied. This helps form a personal relationship with your clients, and let’s them know that you care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SMS auto reject similar to what my cell phone does?

Yes, mobile phones have used SMS auto reject for a while. Your employees are probably familiar with it, and now you can use it on your business phone system as well.

Can my phone system utilize SMS auto reject in addition to enterprise features?

Yes, Simplii is a full feature VoIP provider

If I know i’m going to be busy, can I set an automatic SMS response to any incoming calls or SMS?

We currently do not have this feature but we have had enough demand that we’re in the process of building it.

Is SMS auto reject available on Simplii's mobile app or softphones?

SMS auto reject is part of Fusion through Google Chrome. As long as you have an account with Simplii and are logged into Fusion you will have the ability to use SMS auto-reject.

Can I use SMS auto reject on any phone number?

You can use SMS auto reject on any phone that is text capable. If you would like to make your Simplii phone number text capable, we can help with that! Once your number is made SMS capable, you will have access to Simplii’s business SMS functionality and SMS auto reject.