Using presence let's the entire office know if you are availalbe through your deskphone, web portal, or fusion.

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If you are using a softphone or a desk phone you can share your presence throughout the office. Whether you are available or busy all of your colleagues will be made aware, which in turn increases productivity.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage presence settings for my own user?

Yes. You are able to customize the settings for each phone and desktop to display whichever users you prefer. This can allow you to show only the users you need to monitor, or even display users in your preferred order.

How do I monitor the phone-line status of my colleagues?

You can display the status of any employee within the organization that has been added to your soft keys or contacts on Simplii’s Fusion extension.

Can I monitor the presence phone status of colleagues who are not using a desk phone but are using a mobile application or softphone?

Yes. Any phone connected to Simplii system will show on presence, even people with connected mobile phones!

How do I tell if someone is on the phone using presence?

  • If you have a presence-capable desk phone or are logged into your Fusion extension, the monitor lights of your colleagues will flash when the line is ringing.
  • If the line is flashing, and you have permission, you can intercept the incoming call.
  • Fusion will show a solid red light when the line is in use.
  • Fusion will show a solid green light if the line is available.
  • Fusion will show a solid red light for all parked cal

Is there a limit to how many people you can monitor?

  • The number varies by the make and model of your phone and if you have our Fusion extension downloaded or not.
  • Depending on your handset, a desk phone will normally show 4-8 users.
  • Our highest models of Yealinks (the 46G  and 48G) support up to 25 slots for presence without an expansion model. If the model of your phone supports Presence expansion modules or phone upgrades can be ordered for all models at any point during your service with Simplii.
  • Ifyou want to be able to monitor more users on your desk phone, you can purchase an expansion module which can increase your number of viewable colleagues anywhere from 15 to 100