Overhead Paging

Capable of making announcements directly from your desk phone to overhead paging devices.

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Page all co-workers regardless of your office's location or size using Simplii's overhead paging. Overhead paging gives you the ability to make one way overhead announcements to your entire office, or desired work area.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between overhead paging and over the phone paging?

Overhead paging is used by dialing a 3-5 digit code or pushing a pre programmed button through your Siimplii phone. Your announcement is then broadcast over a paging horn or other paging equipment. Over the phone paging is dialed the same way, but is broadcast over another individual's phone, a group of phones, or all users phones.

What is Group Paging?

Group paging gives you the ability to broadcast an announcement through your phone to an entire department or any pre-determined group you have selected. You can have multiple paging groups that reach different departments, an individual, or your entire office.

Is there any additional cost for this feature?

Paging does not cost you anything extra. This feature is included in all Simplii packages. The only added cost would be for overhead paging system or paging horns. Over the phone paging is always free.

What desk phone models support Paging?

Polycom and Yealink phones work with over the head paging and over the phone paging. Other phone models may work with our paging functionality, if you have questions in regards to your specific model you may reach out to us

Am I able to purchase overhead paging devices directly from Simplii?

Yes, we can provide any device needed to provide overhead paging to our customers

I want to purchase my own overhead paging device. What devices does Simplii recommend?

We highly recommend Valcom paging products for overhead paging systems. There are different devices depending on what you want to accomplish. If you have any questions on devices please call us.

Can I use paging on both my mobile app and softphone?

Mobile devices and Softphones are not able to receive pages. However, you are able to sendout

pages using any softphone or mobile device.

What is the difference between intercom and paging?

Paging is unilateral (one way) communication to one or multiple devices. Intercom provides bilateral (two way) communication between two devices.