Quick Lead Creation

Our call pop gives you a shortcut to your CRM's contact creation page for quickly adding a new lead.

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With quick lead creation, while on a phone call, you can click the create lead button from the call pop to open up the page to add a contact into your CRM.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will one touch contact addition automatically populate the customer name and phone number in the appropriate field when I use it to add a contact to my CRM?

If the customer has caller ID, one touch contact addition will populate the name of the customer as well as their phone number. If the customer does not have caller ID it will just populate the phone number and whatever additional information is displaying in that field on the call. Once they are added, you can update their name field and when they call back in the future you will be able to see their name. After the contact has successfully been added to the CRM, everytime they call into your business the contact pop will take you to that contact record with just one click.

I don’t have a CRM but am interested in an easy to use contact adding tool, is there any other type of one touch contact addition?

Simplii offers Fusion Contacts which can act as a basic CRM for our customers. Fusion Contacts can add contacts straight from your call pop and store them on your FusionContacts page. Fusion Contacts can store information such as name, phone number, business, and basic notes.