Call Recordings

Access and review call recordings in your CRM to gain insights into customer interactions.

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Log and store all call recordings in your CRM to gain valuable insights into your customer interactions, improve your sales and customer service, and ensure compliance.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of File is the Call Recording When it is Logged Into the CRM?

.Call recordings will be logged as a link to the call recording in your phone system, so they have no file type. You can play call recordings directly from your CRM, or download them as .WAV files if the need arises. It also has a clickable link back into the phone system

Do Calls get Entered Automatically or do I Have to Save Them?

With call recording logging, the calls between you and your customers are automatically saved directly into their CRM profile. Calls are time stamped so that you can refer back to conversations easily.

How do I Activate Call Recording?

Call recording features can be turned on and off using the user's profile in your web portal. Once that is turned on please reach out to Simplii for assistance integrating recordings into your current CRM.

Does my CRM Record my Calls?

Your CRM software doesn’t directly record your calls. Calls are recorded through Simplii’s phone system and saved directly into your CRM. If call recording is turned on and your phone system is integrated into your CRM, it will pull calls between that your phone system and the customer directly into your CRM.