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Access fundamental information about how your company utilizes Simplii's system to boost productivity.

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Our call center allows you the flexibility to quickly analyze data from your entire company, all the way down to a single individual’s call history. Customizable reports assist you in easily creating reports precisely for the department, person, or number of your choice. Conveniently design your reports with applicable information. You can opt to view how many calls an agent handled, or how many calls they missed. You can also easily remove any unwanted stats. Customize your report to show you only the information you need, then quickly and easily print your report or export your data to a spreadsheet.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of reports can I generate for my account?

What types of reports can I generate for my account?

Can I personalize reports for my account?

Yes! You can select from over 60 different types of stats based on the information you are searching for.

What types of calls do reports show?

Any inbound calls to your company or any outgoing calls from your company. Extension-to-extension calls can be included, but faxes are excluded.

Can I add or remove agents from a queue directly from the call center tab?

Yes! You can conveniently add and remove agents as needed, you can even prioritize their position, meaning you can make them the first or last to receive a call within that queue.