Call Blocking

Easily block any and all unwanted calls from reaching your business straight from your Simplii account.

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Call blocking allows you to entirely eliminate unwanted calls to your business from a specific caller ID. By adding a number to your blocked calls list, they will no longer be able to reach you by phone. With call blocking, you can permanently block bothersome phone numbers from interrupting your work flow so that you can spend your time more effectively. You can also block “anonymous” callers or callers with an unknown caller ID from contacting you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Devices Support Call Blocking?

Call blocking is supported by all devices on our network. The block can be applied company wide. Users can also setup individualized call blocking preferences.  

What Numbers Can I Block?

You can block any local or toll-free number from calling you. People generally use this setting to relieve the annoyance of scam calls or telemarketers.

Can I Screen Calls With My Mobile Phone?

  • Yes, and there are multiple convenient ways to utilize your mobile phone on our system.
  • The first is to set a hard forward from your work line to your cell phone, in this situation, our system would immediately pass along the Caller ID to your cell phone.
  • The second way is to set up a simultaneous ring between your desk phone and cell phone, the Caller ID would display on both your desk phone and cell phone at the same time.
  • Another option is to set up a “when unanswered” rule. This rule is set through your online portal, it tells the system that when the call is answered on your desk phone, to transfer the call to your cell phone. Once your desk phone stops ringing, and that call is transferred to your cell phone, the Caller ID will be passed along to your cell phone.

What Is Caller ID?

Typically this is the name, phone number, or other identifying information available from the caller. This information is displayed across your phone’s digital screen as soon as your phone starts ringing.