Business SMS

Send and receive SMS messages directly from your business number rather than a personal line.

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Business SMS allows you to send and recieve SMS messages between colleagues, clients, and internal departments. You can send and receive messages directly from your desktop, laptop computer, or mobile device. Have more than one business line? Enable as many numbers as you would like on Simplii's SMS service.


Benefits of Business SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of messages can I send and receive?

Business SMS allows you to send text-only messages. For more information about Business MMS which allows you to send group and multimedia messages click here.

Is there any limitation on storing my text messages?

We offer unlimited message storage, including sent and received messages. Other providers charge up to {$70} a month for this feature.

Can I send a group text or MMS?

Yes, we provide both group texting, and MMS click here to find out about Group text or click here to find out about our MMS functionality.

Can I send a text message to an international number?

This feature is supported through Business MMS.