Auto Attendant

Auto attendant serves as an automated greeting service that sends callers directly to individuals, departments, etc.

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Unlike with a traditional live operator, our auto attendant gives you the comfort of knowing your customers calls will never go unanswered. And you’ll never miss another sales opportunity. Simplii’s support staff can customize your auto attendant to route calls directly to the department, individual, voicemail box, or another auto attendant you desire, even after business hours. If you don’t need our help, account managers can adjust these settings as well.


Our exceptional auto attendant provides your company with the most effective call management.

The Simplii auto attendant is a sophisticated automated phone service that directs calls to your desired destinations.

Use this automated greeting to warmly welcome your callers with a greeting customized for your company. For example, we can set up a company directory that will announce employee and department extensions to allow callers to easily access the appropriate destination.

Your auto attendant setup includes a friendly and professional greeting that we will record just for you! You can also easily record your own right from your portal.

Account managers can view and manage call flow, ensuring that your customers calls are answered promptly and routed properly, which in turn creates a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

Completely Customize our Auto Attendant for Your Company’s Needs.

Need to make a change? No problem! You can quickly and conveniently modify your auto attendant settings from any device—including smartphones and tablets.

Personalize greetings and route calls based on your business hours, the date, or a date range. For example, you can structure answering rules for the holiday season, or your peak selling season and then set them to automatically disable after the season is over.

Automatically forward calls to another employee, an external number, or directly to voicemail. An external number can be any number outside the Simplii system.

Prepended caller ID gives you the ability to provide special handling for callers from a specific caller ID, such as suppliers or investors.

These leading edge rules can also be used for inbound calls to a specific phone number. For example, we can provide you with a phone number for a special promotion, your phone will display caller ID specific to that promotion so your employees know how to handle that call.  

Your auto attendant can also be multi-tier. You can distribute incoming calls for multiple office locations, bilingual callers, or off-site employees. For example, you can set up your system to:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use options within my greeting?

You can use the following options to customize your greeting:

  • Forward calls to another number or to multiple phone numbers. Internally or externally.
  • Send calls directly to a personal or general voicemail box with a custom voicemail greeting.
  • Play an announcement only, then transfer or and then end the call
  • Send the callers to a particular department
  • Send the caller to an individual
  • Direct the caller to a Conference call

Is the Auto Attendant included with my Simplii system?

Yes!  We provide you with unlimited auto attendants at no additional cost.

What greeting options are available?

We are happy to provide either a generic or custom greeting. You’re also able to easily record your own greeting for that personal touch.

Individual users are also able to customize greetings for their extensions voicemails, or personal auto attendants.

Who controls the Auto Attendant feature?

Your account administrator is the one who can manage the auto attendant either over the phone with our friendly customer service, or through your online portal.