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Google Contacts Has a New Best

Some businesses just need simple features like Click to Call and Screen Pops. Others want much more. We got both covered.

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A Simplii Better CRM Integration

Click to Call

Gain speed and accuracy as phone numbers in your CRM and across the web are converted to call buttons.

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Screen Pops

Accounts, leads, opportunities, and more across all your CRMs pop to your attention as calls come in or go out.

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24/7 Support

Simplii has 24/7 over the phone support and maintenance for all Simplii customers!

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Have a CRM Integration Idea?

We’d love to talk! Simplii specializes in customizing new features and functions to further tighten our integrations for companies like yours.

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Marry your CRM and Phones

Stuff just works better when they’re connected. Uniquely optimize multidisciplinary bandwidth after an expanded array of data. Proactively productize seamless ideas whereas sustainable schemas.

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